What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a United Nations designated day. It represents the world’s most popular environmental awareness initiative as it involves over 500 million people and is celebrated globally. It began in 1970.

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22.

What annual Earth Day events are held by EDHB?

  • Earth Day Community Tree Planting Festivals around the City of Hamilton
  • Eco Fest

Does EDHB host any other annual events?

  • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on the Waterfront Trail every September 

Does  EDHB do anything else?

  • Our Waste Watchers program runs workshops in schools and helps stream waste at local events

Why are so many EDHB programs focused on youth?

Youth are the future. In addition to providing them environmental education and the tools for change, we strive to enrich their lives by exposing them to the natural world that so many have never experienced.

Why are EDHB events unique?

  • All of our events are FREE!
  • Most of our events provide a platform for other organizations, institutions, agencies, businesses to showcase their green messages or products
  • We involve a nature experience and education in all of our events.  We believe that once you experience nature,  you’ll learn to love it and want to protect it. Studies also show other reasons for you to be out in nature:
    • A University of Illinois Human-Environment Research Laboratory study which gave children with Attention-Hyperactivity Deficit Disorder (ADHD) nature experiences showed that this exposure:
    • [Kuo, F.E., & Faber Taylor, A. (2004). “A potential natural treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Evidence from a national study.” American Journal of Public Health, 94(9), 1580-1586]
    • Several University of Michigan studies suggest that close proximity to nature enhances an individual’s ability to concentrate.

Children who respect and admire nature are more likely to protect their environment as adults.