Community Cleanups

Waste Watchers volunteers love to get out and make Hamilton a cleaner place! No piece of litter is too small for us; in fact it’s amazing the number of cigarette butts you can find when you’re looking!

Waste is an issue!

  • It harms wildlife that eat it thinking it’s food
  • Wildlife get trapped and tangled in it
  • It gets wrapped up in tree branches and bushes
  • It contaminates our water and soil

Team Up to Clean Up

Ongoing, throughout Hamilton

The City of Hamilton partners with Tim Horton’s every year to try and make Hamilton a cleaner city. Get a group together and join the Team Up to Clean Up program to clean an area of the city you care about. The program provides free cleanup supplies, including bags, gloves and wipes for removing graffiti. Visit the Team up to Clean Up site to register or find events in your area:

Check back for news on upcoming Community Cleanups!!

Some past cleanup events:

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail!

Cold and windy conditions didn’t stop our dedicated volunteers from making the Hamilton shoreline a cleanup, safer place!

Thanks to over 60 volunteers, who came out in the pooring rain, over 200lbs of garbage and recycling is no longer on the Hamilton Waterfront Trail. The volunteers picked up thousands of pieces of trash, including cigarette butts, plastic bottle caps, straws, stir-sticks and food wrappers. They also found some interesting items like fishing lures, children’s toys, a wallet and some clothes.

Ancaster Meadowlands Cleanup!

Volunteers from two new Target stores teamed up to pick up over 350lbs of waste in the cold and drizzle!

The rain and cold didn’t stop about 30 volunteers from cleaning the Ancaster Meadowlands on May 10th. The volunteers spread out and cleaned areas along Ancaster Creek and part of the Meadowlands Conservation Area. In the end they picked up 39 bags of garbage, 10 bags of recycling and some odd items, like a boomerang, recycling bin, soccer ball and bicycle!

5K Cleanup of Olympic Dr., Dundas

On April 20th, volunteers braved the cold wind and snow to pick up 12 bags of garbage and 2 bags of recyclables along the side of Olympic Drive in Dundas. The volunteers were participating in the Tim Horton’s Earth Day 5k Walk/Fun Run and cleanup.

Spring Cleanup of Felker’s Creek!

Thank you to our volunteers who picked up over 300lbs of garbage in only two hours!

On March 23rd, 2013 volunteers were busy, picking up waste in Valley Park and the Felker’s Creek area; picking up litter, cigarette butts, pop bottles and other odd items, like a construction cone and patio umbrella!

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

For the past two years Waste Watchers volunteers have been taking part in the annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. In September they descend on the Hamilton Waterfront Trail, picking up waste. In 2012 the volunteers collected 16 bags garbage, 14 bags recyclables as well as a tarp, some pylons and a boat buoy.