EcoSchools Points and the Waste Watchers Workshop

The Waste Watchers classroom workshop is focused on inspiring students to reduce waste.

By having the Waste Watchers workshop in your school you have the opportunity to earn EcoSchools points and help your school become EcoSchools certified.

The Waste Watchers staff and volunteers as well as Junior Waste Watchers (students who completed the workshop) are available as resources to help earn Ontario EcoSchools points.

Below are the EcoSchools connections that can be made by having a Waste Watchers workshop. The connections are from the 2012-2013 Certification Guide for Ontario EcoSchools.

Teamwork and Leadership

1.5 Nurture Student Leadership through EcoTeam (2 points)

  • Activities from the Waste Watchers workshop were designed so Junior Waste Watchers can share them with other students in their school ““ this can be done through the EcoTeam as well

1.6 Environmental Program Visibility (1 point)

  • Some of the follow up Junior Waste Watchers activities involve educating the rest of the school about waste reduction through announcements, posters, etc ““ these activities can be done with the EcoTeam as well
  • Junior Waste Watchers are also encouraged to teach other classes what they learned in the Waste Watchers workshop ““ again, this can be done in conjunction with the school’s EcoTeam

Waste Minimization

3.3 Reducing food waste (3 points)

  • Boomerang and litterless lunches are discussed in the workshop
  • Junior Waste Watchers can work with EcoClub to teach students about how to have a litterless lunch ““ create posters and announcements as well

3.12 Waste Audit (4 points)

  • The waste audit done during the workshop does not qualify for EcoSchools points but by completing a classroom waste audit students will be prepared and able to help complete a full school waste audit


Follow-up Activities and Lessons (2 points or more)

  • Provided in the Teacher Resource Package from Waste Watchers are follow-up activities and lesson ideas which can be applied to get Curriculum points from EcoSchools

Free Trip to City of Hamilton Recycling Centre (2 points)

Environmental Stewardship

Battery or Electronics Recycling Day (4 points)

  • Junior Waste Watchers are encouraged to organize a battery or electronics recycling day within their school ““ this can be done in conjunction with the EcoTeam
  • Junior Waste Watchers and the EcoTeam can create posters, announcements, a piece for the parent newsletter, etc to promote the event and environmental importance of disposing of household hazardous waste correctly


Check the Ontario EcoSchools Website for other ideas and ways to earn points in your school.