Waste Watching at Events

Our Waste Watchers Team is invited to events around Hamilton to reduce waste as well as educate the public on ‘putting waste in the right place’.

As people approach our streaming center, we direct them to make sure their waste goes in the right bin. 

Result? Large amounts of waste diverted from landfill.

Waste Watching @ Peach Festival

Waste Watching @ Peach Festival


Become part of our Waste Watchers Team.   Contact Waste Watchers:


Waste Watchers Success:

We successfully keep 87% of the waste generated at events from going to landfill. 

So volunteer with us!

Greening Events Guide

Download our Greening Events Guide to help make your event more environmentally friendly. Find ideas to reduce waste, lower transportation emissions, reduce energy use and more!

Download the Greening Events Guide here

Know an event that should have waste watching? Helping organize an event and want it to be more green? Contact us to have the Waste Watchers team at your event!  We are not sorting – we are educating! Festival goers got a chance to sort their own waste, but if they don’t get it right, Waste Watchers are there to teach them where the items should go!

Our most recent Waste Watching events in 2015 were at the Hot Chocolate Festival and at Ancaster Senior Centre’s Active Living Fair.