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Instant Forest

IMG_00001635On Earth Day (April 22) every year we organized 100 local youth came out to plant trees, ending up with an ‘instant forest. We’ve planted:

1,600 trees at the Eramosa Karst over 3 years, helping restore fallow farm fields back to a natural state.

2.200 trees at Churchill Park over 3 years, helping protect an existing forest, by naturalizing the border around it

Students learned proper planting techniques and then participated in a hike.

We’d like to thank Royal Botanical Gardens and Hamilton Conservation Authority for providing land and expertise. We’d also like to thank hike leaders Marcus Buck and Richard Reble for their enlightening hikes.

The Eramosa Karst is 180 acres of open land and woodlands, extending from Highland Road to south of Rymal Road, and from Upper Mount Albion Road to Second Road West featuring a rich variety of plant ecosystems, flora and fauna, including: sugar maple forests, shrub thickets and old farm fields. The surface and groundwater drainage system that created the Karst dates from about 13,000 years ago, when the last glacier retreated from the area. The Karst has caves, dry valleys, and even a natural limestone bridge at the entrance to a sinkhole and is believed to be the best site in Ontario for learning about karst features and processes.

We recently enjoyed a special hike at Eramosa Karst Hamilton’s newest Conservation Area (Upper Stoney Creek) (map) led by Matt Casey, and saw some wonderful flora and caves. What species of tree has the leaf/flower (picture on the left)? Saw lots of trillium including the bunch in front of this interesting log – it is illegal to pick or dig up plants from forests. And people and dogs should never go off-trail or much flora and fauna is destroyed.

what kind of tree has this type of flower/leaf?

what kind of tree has this type of flower/leaf?


Clump of trillium in front of interesting stump

demonstrating planting techniques to students

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